8 Reasons Why You Should be Trading Futures Now...

1 Simple Way to Sell the Market

It is easy & legal to go short the in the Futures markets. You can make profits even  when markets are falling.

2 Flexibility – Invest In An Alternative Asset Class

Besides investing in Equities, you can profit from the strong price trends on underlying commodities like Crude Palm Oil.

3 Maximize Returns Using Power of Leverage

Futures provide up to 20x leverage so that you can gain maximum return on your investment. Relatively smaller amounts of capital are required to trade a larger position.

4 Lower Trading Cost

Futures has lower transaction cost compared the same market value exposure in stocks.

5 Protect your portfolio

Use futures hedging to protect your stock portfolio from a falling market. No need to sell your stocks, just hedge them and continue collecting your dividends.

6 Volatility

Garner huge trading opportunities in the futures market from the current high volatility in the financial & commodity markets.

7 No Need For Stock Picking

Finding a good stock to trade can be a challenge. Stock Index Futures allows you to trade the overall sentiment of the stock market

8 Trade All Seasons

Futures allows you to profit from both uptrend and downtrend markets. Take advantage of both Bull & Bear opportunities

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