General Information

1.1 Who is eligible to trade online?
An individual must be age of 18 years and above and must not be declared a bankrupt.
1.2 What is HLeFutures?
HLeFutures is an application based system that allows you to view live quotes for all products listed on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Commodity Mercantile Exchange (COMEX), and Singapore Exchange (SGX). 
1.3 Can I access HLeFutures website from overseas?
Yes, you can access into HLeFutures application anywhere if you have internet access.
1.4 Which markets and products I can access via HLeFutures?
You can access to all the products as shown in 1.2.
1.5 Are there any fees and charges to register for online services?
There is platform fee of RM38 per month for BMD products. It will be rebate back on the next month if client is able to generate more than 10 lots per month. For all products, platform fee is RM150 per month. It will be rebate back on the next month if client is able to generate more than RM600 commission per month.
1.6 What is the brokerage?
Brokerage is fixed and negotiable.
1.7 What type of value added service does HLeFutures offer?
We provide daily market preview. Research on equity as well as latest market updates via the website.

How to Open an Account

2.1 How do I apply for a HLeFutures online trading account?
You need to fill up account opening form and submit complete relevant documents. 
2.2 Who can I liaise with in order to assist me in the registration steps?
You can call Helpdesk number at +603-2080 8678. Our personnel will take you through the steps.
2.3 I’m an existing client of Hong Leong Investment Bank (equities). Do I need to apply new trading account?
Yes, you need to apply a new account to access into HLeFutures.

How do I deposit my margin?
You can deposit your margin into any one of the following accounts payable to Hong Leong Investment Bank Bhd (Segregated Account):

Bank                                    Account No.
Hong Leong Bank Bhd       00100-358535
Maybank Bhd                     514011-598022


2.5 Can I open a joint trading account?
No. Only individual account is allowed.

What are the documents required for account opening?
(i) Photocopy of NRIC/Passport
Employed– copy of latest 3 months’ payslip or copy of 3 months bank statement indicating income from declared employment or latest copy of Income Tax Assessment Form or latest copy of EPF statement; 

Self-employed– copy of  latest 3 months bank statement indicating income from declared employment or latest copy of Income Tax Assessment Form or latest copy of EPF statement;

Others–   copy of latest 3 months bank statement indicating source of fund/wealth for Investment or copy of FD certificate(s) not less than RM50,000 or Grant of probate/ Letter of Administration.

2.7 What is the Initial Margin requirement?
Initial Margin requirement prescribed by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Bhd, please refer to rates for the latest update.
2.8 When will I incur margin call?
You will incur margin when your equity balance in trading account go below initial margin required. You are required to top up the margin on the next trading day i.e. T+1


3.1 How can I obtain my initial Password?
You will receive the password through email provided.
3.2 How can I change my user ID and password?
You can only change the password after you login into the system. Under "Settings" ------> "Change User Password"
3.3 What if I forget my Password?
Please contact Helpdesk number at +603-2080 8678 for dealer's assistance. 
3.4 What if my Password is blocked?
Please contact Helpdesk number at +603-2080 8678 for dealer's assistance. Our Helpdesk will verify your identity to ascertain that you are the rightful client of HLeFutures holding the correct User ID. Following verification, the system will generate a random password and email it to you.


Deposit and Withdrawal

4.1 Is there any minimum deposit requirement?
There is no minimum deposit requirement. However, you are required to place Initial Margin when you wish to initiate any trade.

Can I earn interest on my trust balance?
Interest will only be paid on Ringgit Malaysia deposits with daily credit balances of RM50,000 and above. For credit balances below RM50,000 interest will not be paid to the client and will instead be used to defray administrative charges.

*Currently we do not provide any interest for client's deposit. Please note that this rate of interest is subject to change from time to time.

For foreign currencies deposit, no interest will be paid irrespective of the amount.

4.3 How do I withdraw my trust money from my account?
You can withdraw excess cash from your trading account by submitting the duly signed withdrawal form. Your withdrawal form must be submitted to us by 9:00am of a business day for your instruction to be processed on the same day. Please send your withdrawal form by email to helpdeskfutures@hlib.hongleong.com.my 

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